Getting out the chaos with neuroscience-based methods

I got almost bankrupted two times.

The first was at the beginning of 2000 when my first Internet company went broken.
After that I started my second  company, it was about giving innovative training services for b2b, and it was doing really well. But the 2008 global crisis came and it got almost destroyed.

For years I paid my bills as a teacher. Maybe because I've no sons, I started loving this work and applying the latest mind coaching techniques to teenagers that really do not want to learn maths. And it worked.

Now I specialize in advanced mind coaching for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to reach their own goals with the help of the latest neuroscience discoveries and cannot invest years in psychotherapy with no guarantee for results.

The method I developed is able to give you more space for action in your mind and body. Especially when you're under pressure.

And if you're not under pressure, you very probably don't need me as your coach.

With great esteem for your efforts,

Mind Coaching for entrepreneurs

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